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Top Tips for December!

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    Plants / Veg / Garden Care
    • Move tender plants into a greenhouse
    • Clear up fallen leaves – especially from lawns, ponds and beds
    • Raise containers
    • Apply a winter mulch to protect plants
    • Cacti and succulents need a period of relative dormancy over the winter: keep them barely moist, and do not feed. Christmas cacti can be managed in the same way.
    • Insulate outdoor taps
    • Prune open-grown apples and pears
    • Prune acers, birches and vines
    • Deciduous trees and shrubs can still be planted and transplanted
    • Reduce watering of houseplants
    • Continue to cut back faded herbaceous perennials
    • Protect newly planted trees, hedges and shrubs from cold winds and frosts
    • Put guards around newly planted trees and shrubs
    • Tie wall shrubs and climbers onto their supports to protect them from wind damage

    Prevent premature needle drop on your Christmas tree by choosing a pine (Pinus) or fir (Abies) tree instead of the traditional Norway spruce (Picea abies); these hold their needles for longer. Avoid placing your tree near sources of heat such as a fire or radiator. Cut trees will last longer if stood in a bucket of water or a stand with a reservoir. Saw off the bottom 5-7.5cm (2-3in) of trunk to allow the tree to drink freely.

    • Heavy snowfall can splay branches, break limbs
    • Avoid buying poinsettias that have been accidentally chilled, particularly those sold from street stalls on cold days

    RHS December Tips/Advice

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    Thinking Ahead
    • Check tree ties and stakes before winter gales cause damage
    • Insulation of containers and less hardy plants
    • Order seed catalogues for next year's bedding and perennials, if not already done.
    • This is a good time to clean all your old pots and seed trays, so that they are ready for next spring's flurry of activity. Thorough cleaning will reduce pest and disease problems, and will make your propagation and sowing yields much greater
    • Check your winter protection structures are still securely in place
    • Check that greenhouse heaters are working
    • Improve the drainage of heavy clay soils by working in plenty of bulky organic matter, such as composted bark

    RHS December Tips/Advice

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    • Avoid walking on lawns on frosty mornings. It can damage the grass and often leads to brown footprint-shaped marks
    • Continue to remove fallen leaves
    • Grass will continue to grow in temperatures above 5°C (41°F), so if the weather remains mild it may be necessary to use the mower to keep the lawn in trim
    • Repair damaged lawn edges or patches with turves cut from other areas of the garden
    • Algae can be a problem on lawns where there is poor drainage or excessive shade

    RHS December Tips

National Tree Week

25th November - 3rd December

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